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Here are some stories from people who have had success treating their conditions with cannabis and cannabis products

From National Geographic:

The video on the left is the testimony of Buddy Rose.  Daner and Elaine spoke with him several times, and his story was instrumental in Daner’s use of cannabis products to treat his cancer.

Hannah Eberhart’s Journey with Childhood Cancer


        Iowa resident Jessica Eberhart first saw signs of trouble when her daughter Hannah got sick in mid-October 2014. She had fevers, arm pain, and mobility issues. From October to December, Hannah endured a number of tests with no conclusive answers as to what was causing her symptoms. In the meantime, doctors wanted to treat her with potentially harmful medications despite not knowing the diagnosis. It was a terrible situation, made worse when Hannah was formally diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma on December 31, 2014. Jessica took action at an astounding speed. She knew her daughter had little chance of surviving the 52 weeks of proposed chemotherapy.   READ MORE