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funding and supporting human cannabis research
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Daner’s Hope has several levels of giving.  We accept all donations and appreciate each and every one of you for supporting our cause.


Sun Donations

Up to $750

Our thank you for helping to shine the light on our research centers with your charitable donation. You will receive a charitable donation tax credit and a link to your company website on Danershope.org


Moon Donations

From $750 – $5000

Our thank you for helping to send our researchers to the moon. Before we landed on the moon, it was all just a dream. Today, Daner’s Hope has reached a higher potential to use funding for human medical cannabis research thanks to your generous donations. In return for becoming a Moon Sponsor, Daner’s Hope will feature your story on our website and introduce all of our donors to you and your company in our monthly mailer. Your company will also receive a charitable donation tax credit and a link to your website on Danershope.org.


Star Donations

$5000 and Up

Reach for the Stars and you will find….we seek the answers in human medical cannabis research for proper prescription, correct dosage, education and efforts to improve patient care. After a personal interview, Daner’s Hope will feature you or your company on our website as a “Featured Star Sponsor”. You will permanently become a partner that Daner’s Hope will feature from time to time with news updates about your company milestones. We will introduce you as one of our Star Sponsors in our monthly mailer to all of our donors and share your website on our page. In return for your generous donation, Daner’s Hope also posts a free banner advertising your company or next great company achievement. Of course if you prefer to remain anonymous, that option is also available. You will receive Daner’s Hope Star Sponsor’s badge to display on your website and a charitable donation tax credit.


Thank you for your interest in supporting our Mission. 

Your generous donation will help support human cannabis research, education and efforts to improve patient care.

Once your donation has been received, a team member will contact you to begin our collaboration. You may submit approved logos and other relevant company information to admin@danershope.org


Become a HOPE PARTNER by making monthly contributions to the Daner’s Hope Foundation